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  2. #BatmanDay


  3. "♚ Reblog if you are a Downton abbey fan ♚"
    — Just to see how many we are 😜 (via obriensdaughter)

    I love Violet Crawley’s character! Downtown Abbey is on par with TBBT as my top fav show.


  4. When I first heard about the show “Married At First Sight”


    and I was like…

    This kid has the best expressions on the show “kids react to …”

  5. #HumansOfNewYork need to succeed #theweddingwatchers #NYC. It is a beautiful legacy that needs to be kept alive!
    Every summer Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn attracts wedding parties as a backdrop for pictures. For decades Rhoda Hill, 79, and her fellow wedding watchers have enjoyed the spectacle.

    (Source: Yahoo!)